Who We Are and What We Do?

Designing is what we love to do. Yes, we are designers, but that´s not all. We are first class developers too. It is a unique blend of "yes we can"! We are not only Cut and Code masters, but we pride ourselves in being up to speed with our CMS systems to keep your site in tip-top shape.

We are driven to help our clients achieve their goals by making sure all of their needs are fully realized, from the planning stages to the final implementation. We treat evey one of our clients like family, which is what sets us apart. We not only get the job done but we also follow up with complete training so everyone wins.

Our Designer and Developer Team

Widi Mawardi, Founder of W3function.com

Scope of expertise : System Analyst, Development, Web Design (PHP, MySQL, MS SQL server, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Android)

Widi Mawardi

Hello my name is Widi Mawardi, I was born in a beautiful village, Lembang on March 17 1985. Since 2005 I fall in love with website and internet, that's why although my major at University of Jenderal Achmad Yani was in Economic, which didn't bring me close to do web design and development, since being a hoby, I picked up these skills. Designing and developing website is more than a job for me, but satisfaction it self. My formal education in economic was not in vain at all. It gave me a great knowledge about the business processes in all types of companies and make me become a better analyst in business system.

I made my first website in 2006, It was just for a college project, and it's still around today. I really enjoy working with PHP, JQuery, and Google APIs. I also embraces W3C web standards for development.

I Previosly worked at a small firm as a system analyst and at the same time I also worked as an accounting and programming laboratory instructor at University of Jenderal Achmad yani (UNJANI) Bandung. Then I move to Jakarta and work for Inova2020 as a web designer and also PHP programmer for 4 years. Now I'm back to Bandung and dedicated my self to manage w3function.com with my precious team

I've been working on many websites and system projects, In 2010 I developed an e-commerce and penny auction website in china and malaysia. It was really great experience for me.

Wandini Ardiansyah

Scope of expertise : Development (PHP, Java, MySQL, MS SQL server)


Halo nama saya Wandini Ardiansyah Saya lahir di Lembang 02 Februari 1991. Saat ini saya masih mengikuti program kuliah ekstensi di universitas nasional pasim (UNAS PASIM) jurusan teknik informatika S1.

Saya mengenal pemrograman sejak tahun 2010 melalui internet, buku-buku pemrograman dan juga bimbingan langsung dari guru tutor saya (Widi Mawardi). Ketertarikan saya kepada pemrograman membuat saya terus belajar dan mengembangkan logika pemrograman saya sehingga akhirnya saya lebih serius lagi dan mengikuti pendidikan formal di jurusan informatika di tahun 2012.

Saya bergabung dengan W3function sejak tahun 2010 untuk melakukan berbagai maintenance dan setup pada hosting client w3function.com, selanjutnya tahun 2011 pengetahuan pemrograman saya sudah berkembang dan mulai mengerjakan project-project website

Saya akan terus menantang diri saya untuk meningkatkan skill sehingga bisa memberikan jasa terbaik untuk client W3function.com

Sandi Maulana

Scope of expertise : Graphic Design (illustration, icon, background, layouting, vector e.t.c)


Halo nama saya sandi maulana, saya lahir di bandung 07 november 1991, saya sekarang kuliah ekstensi di universitas nasional pasim (UNAS PASIM) jurusan teknik informatik S1 untuk lebih memperdalam pengetahuan saya didunia informatika.

Saya tertarik kedalam dunia desain semenjak 2 tahun yang lalu, didasari dari pekerjaan saya sebelumnya di sebuah perusahan percetakan (Printshop). Saya senang bekerja dengan menggunakan Adobe Photoshop dan Adobe Ilustrator yang memberikan saya tool lengkap untuk bisa membuat berbagai macam jenis seni gambar

Di awal tahun 2013 saya mulai bergabung dengan W3function Studio sebagai seorang desainer grafis, disini saya akan memberikan banyak layout desain website yang terbaik untuk para client

Herva Yulyanti

Scope of expertise : Project Documentation and Client Representative

Where We Are?

if you really need to talk about your project, you can find us in this location :
Unjani Street No. 252 Cimahi - Bandung 40531
Phone Number : +6281809502545
Email : i@w3function.com

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